Our company has been serving upon;
  • Aluminium & Copper Extrusion
  • Aluminium Casting
  • Aluminium Anodizing
  • Insolation
  • Glass Industry
  • Mining& Drilling Industry

sectors and subjects such as general plant projecting, the supply of technical equipments and related engineering services by holding to scientific rules, innovations and honesty as basic principles; focusing on the best quality, the most favourable price and the fastest service inside and outside of our country. 

Each age’s technology is limited by that age’s materials…

In this context;

With its specialist engineer staff, sharing all technological products and innovations,which are brought by Material Science and Engineering, with its industrialists; increasing productivity in product and production are among unchangeable principles of EGE Endüstri Metalurji Makina Sanayi Tic. Ltd.Şti.

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